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Redstone Winery: Enomatic Installation

by / Tuesday, 13 October 2015 / Published in Enomatic

Client: Redstone Winery
Location: Beamsville, ON (VQA Lincoln Lakeshore sub-appellation)
Systems: 2 Enoline Elite 8-Bottle systems, 1 Enoround Elite

DCIM100GOPROWith 38-acres of vineyards, farmed organically and biodynamically, Moray Tawse’s Redstone Winery focuses on producing premium quality wines. Beginning with the health of their vines, Redstone takes active measures in every aspect of the wine production process to ensure their wines are true expressions of their terroir. It is with this dedication they sought a system that would extend the life of their wines, giving their customers ample opportunity to enjoy their wines the way they were intended.

“We chose Enomatic based on reputation.  We believe that it is the highest quality preservation system on the market currently,” says Kelly Van Hoffen, Retail Supervisor at Redstone Winery.

She goes on to explain, “Aesthetics was a part of it.  The units look very sleek and modern and were a good fit with the building look and feel.  Uniqueness was a factor as not many Niagara wineries are using the system.  I also believe that it represents a commitment to quality which is a great fit for our brand.”

At Redstone Winery, both staff members and guests alike have really taken to the Enomatic experience. Hoffen tells us, “The team loves the system.  It certainly offers opportunity to open a dialogue with guests who have never seen the system before and have questions about it.  The staff feel very comfortable using the system and love the fact that it pours the perfect portion each time.  I like the fact that during the quieter times during the week that we don’t have the need for open bottles on the counter.” According to Hoffen, most guests have never seen anything like the Enomatic before and are fascinated by the machine.

In both the wine boutique and the restaurant, Redstone has noticed Enomatic’s positive impact on sales. While the wine boutique benefits from offering all guests premium wines, even during non-peak times, the restaurant takes it to another level entirely, offering ultra-premium wines from the Burgundy portfolio (Marchand Tawse & Domaine Tawse), often priced in the hundreds per bottle. Guests love being able to order these fine wines by the glass.

Thank you Redstone Winery for allowing us to be a part of your wine program!