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Product Highlight: Sanremo Opera

by / Tuesday, 18 August 2015 / Published in Sanremo, Showroom

If there’s anything we love and appreciate as much as wine, it’s coffee. When we were constructing our new showroom in Toronto, the choice of which espresso machine to install was unanimous – everyone  wanted the Sanremo Opera. This system, the latest addition to Sanremo’s Barista Dream line, is being talked about world-wide. Here’s why:

Sanremo took an innovative, focused approach to the creation of the Opera. First, they assembled their dream team. A group of 11 engineers and baristas, well-respected names from all over the globe, were given instructions to create an espresso machine which would set the bar for years to come. “Think of each single thing you would like to see in an espresso coffee machine. Put yourselves to the test to create a product that will bear each one of your names. You will be remembered as that group of extraordinary people that one day had the courage to change things and leave future generations something that does not just involve technique and innovation, but also passion and pride. If it’s possible, we’ll do it. If it isn’t – he said with a smile – we’ll try anyway.”

This is how Opera, the Revolution, was born.

The Opera houses five individual insulated boilers, three for each group head plus a steam boiler and a pre-heater that circulates water over the top of each group. The machine works with an Acer Tablet that connects via Bluetooth; through this the barista can adjust extraction volume via the brew ratio calculator on six different presets per group head. Full customization of the group temps, pressure, pre and post brewing also available.

Considered a game-changer internationally, see the Opera’s creation here.