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Wine Library

A shiny point, catching everyone’s attention.

Enofrigo’s Wine Library is designed to be the most attractive wine bottle display in any room. The height of the doors, combined with outstanding LED lighting and mirrored internal walls, provide an elegant and refined frame for wine bottles. With the Wine Library, bottled wine becomes a beautiful focal point in the room, capturing everyone’s attention.

The Wine Library can be equipped with a humidity control system. Customers can also combine multiple units to create separating walls in large rooms, while also ensuring visual continuity of the room with the front/rear doors of the product. It is also possible to install the Wine Library on a wall, by simply allowing sufficient ventilation. This one-door version features a mirrored, closed back wall, forming a storage wall for wine and other products.

The Wine Library’s door is made of 20mm thick, low emission, double-glazing glass, which is embedded in a frame with magnetic gaskets. The body of the unit is made of a 50mm thick insulating panel. The arrangement of bottles in the compartment is entirely adjustable, with steel tubes to display bottles horizontally or oblique, steel or plexiglas perforated shelves for vertical displays, elegant plexiglas moulded supports to hold bottles in a horizontal position or even special multi-position metal supports.

All customers can find a solution that best suits their needs with the variety of size options available in the Wine Library. There are one, two or three door models as well as height options from 260 cm or 220 cm.


873 Aluminum Satin Grey

Semi Glossy Black 421

Optional Other Colours


The Wine Library’s wide display area features LED lights along the perimeter of the door as well as mirrored internal walls, creating a striking effect for the ultimate bottle display with a 360° view effect.

Energy efficient

With LED lighting, 50mm thick insulation, a 20mm thick low emissions, double-glazing glass door and a control system which improves the efficiency of the refrigeration equipment, energy consumption is quite low in this unit.

Elegant design

Sleek, clean lines, transparent bottle racks, mirrored internal walls, stainless steel handles, and modern, laminated wood create an elegant and refined frame to showcase wine bottles.

Internal system

The innovative, ventilated refrigeration system in the Wine Library maintains the correct temperature without using an evaporator.


The temperature settings in this unit range from 4°C to 20°C, which can be set easily by the operator.

Modular size options

Two height options and two or three door models are available. Each unit is equipped with a stand-alone temperature control kit for the refrigerated compartment. Front/rear doors or a closed back well are also options, along with internal mirrored laminate.

Colour options

The wood laminate body is available in both semi- glossy black and brushed aluminium grey. The unit’s door frames are made of anodized aluminium in silver or black.


Here are some testimonials by our customers. If you would like to add a testimonial to this page just send us an email through the contact page.

  • Enomatic® is the greatest wine preservation system I have used. Not only does it preserve wines but also makes it easier to control pours. We are able to give our customers wines at the perfect temperature and freshness.
    Rajat Parr - Wine Director, The Mina Group
  • Highly recommended for any restaurant, bar or wine bar, Enomatic® gives you not just the opportunity to provide the right wine service, but also to sell high quality wines by the glass. Enomatic is the best investment you can make for your business.
    Cosmin Marinescu - Sommelier, Hilton San Francisco
  • Having a wine that will stay fresh for several weeks gets rid of that problem of throwing away wine…This technology is the shift that gives people the opportunity to try wine; and when they try wine, they buy wine.
    Steve Lynn - Owner, Water to Wine
  • The Machinery is innovative and modern…Our customers have thoroughly enjoyed their visits to Taste, Wines of San Luis Obispo and we see many repeat customers. They are just fascinated with the technology… The software is explanatory and easy to use…Our upgrades have been great and I can’t wait to see more.
    Carly Williams - General Manager, Taste
  • The Enomatic machines work great. They allow us an opportunity to introduce customers to new wines. Additionally customers really like being able to taste a wine before committing to buying an entire bottle.
    Ryan Broersma - Owner, Paso Wine Centre
  • We have been using enomatic machines in our remote tasting rooms since 2007. Attractive, easy to use, reliable and comes with instant service when needed.They are the star of the show- next to our own wines, of course.
    John Kent Cooke - Boxwood Winery Owner, The Tasting Room Wine Bar & Shops LLC
  • Enomatic® has been vital to the success of our organization. Bertrand and his team have worked with us almost since the day we were founded and have been a partner in every sense of the word. Their support team is always available and they are able to come on site at a moments notice. Best of all, they are constantly working with us regarding new uses for the machines, new software available and new features for our customers. We look forward to further developing our relationship with them as we continue to expand.
    Matthew Hartley - President, Winestore Holdings, LLC
  • Critics Choice “Best Wine Selection” and Readers Choice “Best Restaurant” from Miami New Times Magazine 25th Anniversary “Best of Miami” issue. This award would not have been possible without the advantage of the Enomatic wine dispensing system. Enomatic provided us the opportunity to include wines ranging in prices from $8 to $45 per glass and alleviated the concern of spoilage of our open wines.
    Nick Di Donato B.A.Sc, P.Eng. - President & CEO, Liberty Entertainment Group
  • We wanted to create a ‘don’t miss’ tasting experience for the new Jim Beam American Stillhouse and Distillery Tour, and Enomatic helped us do just that. Their team was extremely easy to work with throughout the process, and their training of the Jim Beam staff and after-sale customer service support have been superb. They really customized their product to suit our needs, and as a result, guests have called the Jim Beam American Outpost tasting experience “innovative,” “cool,” and “hi-tech.” They’ve also appreciated the freedom to choose their own four tastings among Jim Beam’s many brands, something that we could not have accomplished without Enomatic®’s serving system. Overall, we could not be happier with our Enomatic® experience.
    Heather Witt - Senior Project Manager, Jack Rouse Associates, Inc.