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Wine Preservation at Home

by / Thursday, 06 August 2015 / Published in Enomatic, Showroom, Wine Preservation

Wine preservation is a hot topic among oenophiles. For some, the idea that you could enjoy a fine bottle of wine for an extended period of time just sounds too good to be true. For us though, we believe in it very strongly – never allow a good bottle to go to waste!

For many years, we discussed Enomatic wine preservation systems with our clients in the HORECA industry (fun fact: you may have known us by the name Bevtech), while noticing a steadily increasing demand from homeowners. Enomatic answered the call with the Enoliving, a system with the ease of a kitchen appliance yet the functionality of a professional-grade unit.

Like any other Enomatic system, the Enoliving features the company’s trademark preservation and dispensing technology, keeping wine for weeks at a time. With it’s compact, modern design and plug-and-play ability, the Enoliving can be placed on a counter top where it will blend in easily as any other appliance. Simply put, the Enoliving is a user-friendly system which can be utilized in either a restaurant or a home setting to prolong the life of fine wine.


  • Bottle positions: 2
  • Wine temperature: room temperature
  • Gas supply: food-grade argon or nitrogen gas in a disposable, external gas cylinder
  • Servings: The Enoliving can have one pre-set pour amount or be allowed to free-pour
  • Lighting: double LED
  • Finishes: stainless steel with white or black accents



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