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Product Highlight: Perlage Sparkling Wine Preservation System

by / Tuesday, 07 July 2015 / Published in Perlage, Showroom, Wine Preservation

Serving bubbles by the glass has long been one of the trickier components of designing a wine menu. With sparkling wine’s short lifespan, restaurants are often faced with choosing between wasting copious amounts of wine if they only sell a glass or two, or overpricing, which can hurt sales.

The Perlage Preservation System was designed with this dilemma in mind. Created specifically to allow the HORECA industry to serve bubbly by the glass, this system maintains the character of sparkling wine for over ten days at a time. With a Perlage System on hand, restaurants, hotels, wine bars and more can expand the sparkling section of their wine menu and offer more premium products, which diversifies a menu while also enhancing the customer experience.


  • User-friendly. The Perlage Preservation System is an easy tool to utilize in even the busiest settings.
  • Eliminates menu limitations for by-the-glass sparkling features
  • Adds a new revenue stream and builds sales
  • Small, compact size takes up little room
  • Affordable

The Perlage is kept in stock in our Toronto showroom. Stop by today to learn more or watch a video tutorial here!



Did You Know?

The consumer version of the Perlage System is ideal for home use. The home version uses disposable, Champagne-certified CO2 cartridges, rather than refillable CO2 sources that would be inconvenient for most consumers to refill. The Perlage System allows home users to keep their Champagne fresh as the finest restaurants do with the commercial version.

Fun Fact

It went so well they commissioned a custom version, which they sent to over 2000 of their best on-premise accounts world-wide.