Enomatic Wine Preservation Systems

Industry game changer

For Both Restaurants and Home

Esigo Wine Racks

Modular designs for any space

Emme2Design Custom Wine Racking

To Suit Any Space Requirements

Enofrigo Refrigeration Systems

To Showcase Your Wines

Innovation and Design

Enomatic and Emme2Design

Esigo Wine Trolley

Modern design joins wine service and degustation

Italesse Wine Accessories

Glassware, ice buckets, decanters and more

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The ultimate wine serving solution
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The ultimate wine serving solution

Enomatic, the world #1 advanced wine dispensers, wine preservation and wine pouring systems are the best ally for your guests wine experience. Enomatic models are innovative, reliable and sleek, the perfect by the glass solutions.
Custom and modern wine display and storage solution
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Custom and modern wine display and storage solution

Esigo wine racks combine solid oak, metal and other contemporary materials for very unique designs. Emme2Design wine racks combines creativity and functionality to offer bright new display solutions. The modern, innovative and functional Enofrigo wine fridges and wine cabinets are the perfect solution to create the most attractive wine bottle display in any room.
Innovative accessories and glassware
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Innovative accessories and glassware

Perlage preservation system will extend the life of your Champagne and sparkling wine thanks to its revolutionary system. The perfect solution to enjoy Champagne and sparkling wines by the glass. Perlini will make your ordinary cocktails extraordinary. Perlini functions exactly like a traditional cocktail shaker but thanks to its revolutionary system all your cocktails will sparkles. Bartenders, cocktail lovers, mixologists: the future of cocktails has arrived! Italesse contemporary and high quality collection of glasses and accessories is designed for both professionals and amateurs looking for stylish design and great feature.

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Here are some testimonials by our customers. If you would like to add a testimonial to this page just send us an email through the contact page.

  • Enomatic® is the greatest wine preservation system I have used. Not only does it preserve wines but also makes it easier to control pours. We are able to give our customers wines at the perfect temperature and freshness.
    Rajat Parr - Wine Director, The Mina Group
  • Highly recommended for any restaurant, bar or wine bar, Enomatic® gives you not just the opportunity to provide the right wine service, but also to sell high quality wines by the glass. Enomatic is the best investment you can make for your business.
    Cosmin Marinescu - Sommelier, Hilton San Francisco
  • Having a wine that will stay fresh for several weeks gets rid of that problem of throwing away wine…This technology is the shift that gives people the opportunity to try wine; and when they try wine, they buy wine.
    Steve Lynn - Owner, Water to Wine
  • The Machinery is innovative and modern…Our customers have thoroughly enjoyed their visits to Taste, Wines of San Luis Obispo and we see many repeat customers. They are just fascinated with the technology… The software is explanatory and easy to use…Our upgrades have been great and I can’t wait to see more.
    Carly Williams - General Manager, Taste
  • The Enomatic machines work great. They allow us an opportunity to introduce customers to new wines. Additionally customers really like being able to taste a wine before committing to buying an entire bottle.
    Ryan Broersma - Owner, Paso Wine Centre
  • Enomatic® has been vital to the success of our organization. Bertrand and his team have worked with us almost since the day we were founded and have been a partner in every sense of the word. Their support team is always available and they are able to come on site at a moments notice. Best of all, they are constantly working with us regarding new uses for the machines, new software available and new features for our customers. We look forward to further developing our relationship with them as we continue to expand.
    Matthew Hartley - President, Winestore Holdings, LLC
  • Cibo wine bar is extremely excited to have received Critics Choice “Best Wine Selection” and Readers Choice “Best Restaurant” from Miami New Times Magazine 25th Anniversary “Best of Miami” issue. This award would not have been possible without the advantage of the Enomatic wine dispensing system. Enomatic provided us the opportunity to include wines ranging in prices from $8 to $45 per glass and alleviated the concern of spoilage of our open wines
    Nick Di Donato B.A.Sc, P.Eng. - President & CEO, Liberty Entertainment Group